Saturday, August 18, 2012


This week I am happy to announce a new addition our family. She is a cute little red head with big golden eyes and the sweetest temperment a 14 year old could have. This precious little feline came into our lives because her previous family decided they didn't want her anymore because she has been demonstrating inappropriate elimination behavior. Since sending her off to Heaven seemed extreme, we decided to add her to our family and are working on correcting this condition. Lab work is currently pending to see if we are dealing with a medical condition or a behavioral one. This sweet little girl also has some big skin issues going on that we will be treating with homeopathy, flea control and Love. So far lady Gwenatear is unsure of what's going on and is preferring to sulk in her condo. She does allow visitors to come in and stroke her and acknowledges you with kind eyes and a loving purr.
              She wasn't always known as Gwenatear. Since she has received a new life we have decided that she deserved a new name to accompany her. The name Gwenatear was chosen because we have a very handsome grey and white cat named Sir Mancelott. Since Sir Lancelott had a lover name Lady Guenivere we thought it only fitting our Mancelott had a Gwenatear. And the tear is for her tears of happiness for joining our family. At this time she is declining having her photo taken until she can properly present herself. I will keep you updated on her progress and on how the love affair between Gwenatear (Gwen) and Mancelott (Man) goes, at this point they have not been formerly introduced.

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